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Personalized One-On-One for AP & Standardized Test Prep - 3 Sessions

Personalized One-On-One Tutoring pinpoints the areas in which your child needs the most help. These one-on-one sessions are the best way to promote academic success by focusing on exactly where you child’s weaknesses are in the specified subject matter. Being able to choose the tutor that best fits your child’s personality and needs is also extremely important. Being able to meet with the same personal tutor for a specific subject matter each time you book an appointment is very important to us. Having an ongoing relationship with a specific tutor who fits your child is the best way to build trust and confidence in your child’s academic career.

A multi-session pass is the best way to prepay for multiple sessions of tutoring that can be applied to any one-on-one session of equal or less value! Each time you book a one-on-one session, it removes one session from your total. You will receive an alert (either email or text) letting you know when you only have one session left on your pass. Buying a pass is a great way to make your child commit to one-on-one tutoring and keep them accountable for a set number of sessions. By committing to a pass, you will without a doubt see the most increase in your child's grades and scores. Sign up for one today!

Pass details

  • 3 visits
  • Unused visits expire after 12 months

Can be used for

Group rates

Everyone shares 3 visits

1 person $405
2 people or more $405