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"SOT" Skills: Study, Organization, & Test Taking Skills

Membership to this service will teach students new ways to study smarter, stay organized, and learn test taking and reasoning skills that will follow them through the rest of their educational career. Building a strong routine and foundation for studying is imperative to each student’s success in school. Students will be provided with a quiet place to study and access to, not only our founder, Lizzie, but other tutors, teachers, and professionals who are associated with NO LIMITS. This is a great option for parents who find themselves constantly fighting with their kids to stop playing video games or talking on the phone to get them to do their homework. Each student has a great opportunity with this membership to learn about time management, how to plan their studies for the night and week(s) ahead, and have access to tutors and teachers who can teach them new study, organization, and test taking skills each and every time they enter center. Most of the student’s time will be used putting to practice the skills gained from the professionals available as well as have the chance to ask questions about specific subjects. We will help each student pinpoint what subjects they need to concentrate on the most and what to do to study smart and be successful based on the way they learn.