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College Essay Writing Workshop

$450 Purchase required to enroll

Which essay would you want to keep reading? One that begins like this?

By nature, I am a highly competitive person; but, sometimes, that trait is more of a curse than a blessing.

Or like this?

Motionless at the bottom of the pool, I was drowning and didn’t even know it.

If you chose the second selection, you’d be just like thousands of college admissions counselors across the country who will reward originality of expression and style when trying to decide who should be extended a letter of acceptance—and who should not.

Your senior year in high school is fast approaching. And what is just around the corner from that? Making application to the college of your dreams! A crucial component of any prospective student’s application packet is the Common Application Essay, the purpose of which is to provide college admissions counselors with an opportunity to determine what makes you a desirable candidate for acceptance at the college or university of your choice in ways your GPA and resume cannot. This 15-hour workshop is for rising seniors interested in getting an early start on writing their college application essays. Students will respond to various writing prompts designed to help them create and develop the kind of essay that will earn them a much-coveted place atop the “Yes” stack in the admissions office at the college they most want to attend. By analyzing successful common application essays, coming to understand what readers of these essays are looking for, and devoting time each day to writing and revising 3-4 potential application compositions, by the end of the course, students will be well on their way toward completing an essay suitable for submission to a domestic or international college or university.

Cancellation policy If you cancel within 72 hours of start of workshop, a $55 charge will be ensued.
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